Upcoming tours

Upcoming: On the 15th of June we will cycle to Neusiedler See, the next day we will continue to farm in Nikitsch (Burgenland), where you will have the opportunity to either meet our friends from „System Change not Climate Change“ or help out at the farm. The way back can be planned individually on Saturday or Sunday by bike or by train. You can register for the Tour here. Costs are about 10 Euros per day cycling (including food) and 12 Euros per night at the farm.

We are planning to go from Vienna to the Climate Camp in Germany (close to Bonn: Klimacamp im Rheinland) in August. You join the tour or already help us now organizing it. More information can be found here.

Do you want to join us, start a cooperation or just want to say hello? Write an Email to: cycleforchange[at]posteo[dot]net

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