About us

Traveling by bike to events is socio-environmentally revolutionary in many aspects:

  1. Mobility: The bicycle is the symbol of fossil free movement. We need to keep finite fossil fuels in the ground in order to slow down climate change.
  2. Participative: A collective cycling tour depends on the skills of every participant. Only together the challenges of planning the tour, accommodations, cooking, bike repair and amusement can be mastered.
  3. Networking: Visiting projects, organizations and initiatives enables interesting contacts, the exchange of experiences and is stimulating for everyone in the group.
  4. Exercise: The physical challenge improves the confidence about your own capabilities every day, physically and mentally.
  5. Deceleration: Moving at 15 km/h gives you a different perception of your environment than 100 or 1000 km/h. You can experience different smells, landscapes, paths, villages etc. every day.

We are enthusiastic cyclists fighting for climate justice, against the dependency on fossil fuels and for a better world. On our way from Vienna (Austria) to Lausatia (Germany) trough Czech Republic we experienced how creative, social and empowering an emission-free travel with friends and bikes can be. That’s why we want to continue and renamed our group to “Cycle for Change”. At the moment we are still in the process of constructing our homepage, looking for funds and planing the next projects. Do you want to participate or have questions? Just contact us: cycleforchange[at]posteo.net